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4x4 Posi-Lok--It's the only sure thing.
Do not be fooled!

Don't be fooled!

It has come to our attention our high quality, American made product, has been "knocked off" by a cheap imitation import.
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4x4 Posi-Lok Cable
Operating Instructions
  Follow these simple steps and you're in control


  1. Relax the throttle - no acceleration or deceleration.
  2. Shift the transfer case to desired 4x4 mode.
  3. Press the button and pull the cable into full engaged position. (Light on-off throttle action will help align gears for smooth engagement.)
  4. Release the button.


2WD Lo-range–Place the transfer case in 4WD Lo range, but do not engage the 4x4 Posi-Lok system. Warning: Do not apply excessive torque in this mode.

If a differential gear locker is used in the front axle, the driver can manually unlock the front axle to make very tight right turns on hard ground, then re-lock to continue.



  1. Place transfer case in 2WD mode.
  2. Press the button, push the cable into full disengaged position, and release the button. If moving, light on-off throttle action will help to relax the drive train.

Disengagement may be easier with some models if the vehicle is stopped and put into reverse for a few inches while pushing the cable in.

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