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4x4 Posi-Lok Testimonials

I got to use my posi lock for the first time this week, It worked GREAT! This is a great part, and a killer price. I love having complete control, you guys have a great product. Thanks!!

Mark Vincent
Mount Holly, NC

Just like to say, I installed the 4x4 Posi-Lok system on my 1996 Dodge diesel 2500 and am loving it. I am a logger in North Western Ontario and need my 4x4 daily. This system sure has kept my blood pressure down and made driving rough logging roads a pleasure again. Should of put this on years ago.

Dan Moroziuk

Good morning, I just wanted to tell you I installed your 4x4 system into my Dodge Ram. The installation was fairly easy, great instructions to follow and my 4 wheel drive works again. Thanks for a great product produced here in the United States! 

John McCullough

My friend and I just installed the posi-lock system on my Yukon. It took us no more than 2 hours from the time the wheels went up until they got back on the ground.

The 4x4 works perfectly now. This system is simple, easy to install, and won't need replacing. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it to Northern Michigan on Saturday for the annual muzzleloading hunt, but I'm back in action.  Thanks!

Michael C. Boerman

To the staff at Posi-lok as well as any potential customers:

This product is a perfect example of a well thought out and designed piece of equipment. Being an ASE Master Technician I can definitely appreciate it's value and functionality over that of the old thermo actuator. I would also like to take that a step further and say how much more durable and easy this kit is to install than the replacement AC Delco kit and actuator. Why hack into your vehicles' wiring harness when you can have a that's easy to install, easier on the wallet, and way more reliable? I will admit this kit really blew any reservations I had about buying this kit away as soon as I opened it. The cable is much more impressive and stronger than it looks when you see it up close. The hardware that comes with the kit is unsurpassed in quality. If you want to know that your vehicles' 4WD system is going to operate correctly when storm clouds appear on the horizon or when the trail ends then look no further, this is the kit for you! A+

P.S. I have to say this but I did not even have to raise the vehicle, nor remove the axle tube or drain the differential fluid. That's how nice of an install this was! Thanks guys!

Augusta, GA

Installed the posi-lok about 3 weeks ago and have used it 3 weekends in a row FLAWLESSLY am concidering buying one for my Jeep now.

Thank You
Larry Gordon
DRP Safety Team
Phoenix, Arizona

Great product you guys have!  I put my system on a '96 Dodge Tuesday and am really pleased with it's function.  I've already used my low range once and didn't have to worry with wheel hop.  The system installs very easily also.   It took a little longer (a little more than two hours) than I expected to replace but this was just due to the fact of my old fork being rusted in the old housing.  If I had ordered a new fork it would have been a one hour job easy.  I will definitely bring your company to the table should I hear of anyone with 4x4 problems.

Thanks again,
Jeffrie Webster

Thought you might appreciate some feedback. In a word "great". Works great no hassles. Should have done this a year or two ago. Thank you for a common sense solution.

Richard Edmiston  (Woody)

After installing my Posi-Lok engagement system on my 1987 Dodge Ramcharger, I’ve enjoyed trouble-free 4x4 capabilities.

I thought this photo of the sticker on my rear driver’s window represents your product well…in true form!

Thank you,
Greg Wilkinson
Spring Hill, FL

4x4 Posi-Lok sticker with mud splatters

I purchased and installed a Posi-Lok kit in my 3500 ram. Installation went smooth as per our phone conversation. Just as you said everything was provided. The only issue I had was the threads on the housing were a little rough, and it was hard to screw the extension to it. But I handled it. I have now used the system for the last three weeks and I love it. Every time I’ve needed it (on the farm it’s at least once a day) it has worked as advertised. No more “God I hope my 4x4 works”. Thanks for your help and thanks for putting a product out there that is as useful as yours.  

Larry Moody
Omaha, NE


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